Holy Bombastic Book Buying Batman!

I spent $17,000 on books yesterday. This will probably impede my plan to move out of farm county. Oh well, I’ll have more time to read. Gotta go, I think I hear the delivery dump truck backing down the driveway!

I’m not sure what this guy’s deal is, but he’s gone to great lengths to pretend to be me. Needs more tophats!

Update: Fake Curtis Lassam has ultimately admitted he is indubitably fake, quoted as saying at 2:23pm on November 9, “I am, in fact, the fake.” Glad it’s cleared up now, just need to add some rocket sauce to my Google Ranking. Already doing pretty well for “real curtis lassam”.




This is pure genius.

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Spantacular Sandwich Saturday

I spent about four hours today making a sandwich. Now, dear reader, you may be curious what kind of sandwich would merit such shenanigans. Well, feast your eyes on the my sandwich ingredients list:


Yes, sir, I made a sandwich containing every food ever named after a person. This sandwich was so incredible, I daresay it should be eligible for public office. It should not only be eligible, it should win by default. Sandwich.

This pretty much sums it up!

This pretty much sums it up!

Man, domain squatting is fucking amazing. What higher art is there, really. Anyway, here’s a table-based layout, add some Flash or Java applets to it or something.
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